10 most asked questions

  1. Why am i a cloud? Every avatar enters the world without a baldbase. You will get a bald base from a Mentor. If there is no mentor available, you can always      send a message to the senior mentor called Bob Bunderfeld.
  2. Why am i a female? Every avatar starts with ruth who happens to be a female. Thank god there are freebie stores at the first landing where you can get a completely new avatar to start with.
  3. Is Inworldz run by Linden Lab? NO, inworldz is founded by 3 people: Elenia Llewellyn, Legion Hienrichs and Tranquillity Dexler. Neighter of them are part of Linden Lab and therefore Inworldz is totally independent.
  4. Where can i get hair,clothes,skin,shape? Between the female and male freebie store on Inworldz Desert Island, you will find a board with landmarks. Also a good way to find stores is via the inworldz forum under shop ads. http://inworldz.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=29
  5. Can i bring my Second Life inventory to Inworldz? Yes and no. As long as you are the original creator, you can transfer your inventory with for example Second Inventory and Imprudence Viewer.
  6. How much is land in Inworldz? Currently, for beta pricing, all Private Isles are priced at $75/month, with a $75 setup fee attached. Mainland pricing is at $60/month with a $60 setup fee. All Beta residents who purchase land now, will have grandfathered pricing for one year after we come out of beta. (directly from the IW website http://inworldz.com/faq.php )
  7. How do i buy money? Inworldz has its own currency called I’z or Izzies. To get I’z, go to the website, login with your avatar name and click on “Buy I’z” At this point you can only buy I’z if you have a paypal account or creditcard. The rate is: 1USD = 500I’z
  8. Why is Inworldz so laggy? At this point you are still on Inworldz Desert Island and yes that region is laggy due to the scripts and server loading. My suggestion is to get the landmarks as soon as possible and go explore the world. You will find more regions which are laggy, but this is due to the fact Inworldz runs a different script engine. Therefore a really good tip at this point is to not use that many scripts in IW.
  9. Why cant i ride my bike or drive in my car? At this point, IW has no physics engine yet. The plan is that this will be integrated in January 2011.
  10. Why are my feet in the ground? Make sure you always wear the item with the shoe infront of it (shoebase) and that you make the prim shoes phantom. This will solve the issue.

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