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I have been a Mentor in Second Life since juli 2007. Something i have loved to do ever since that day and still do although there is no mentor program in SL anymore.

Back in 2007 you had to follow a whole course to even be able to become a mentor and upon being asked to join the Second Life Mentors you would get tested by Lindens to see what you actually knew about the game/platform. You needed to know at least some basic troubleshooting and known issues with their solutions and follow classes (yes i am Mentor class 2007 graduate)

As i have worked always in Technical Support in RL for a Software Company (Adobe) and for an ISP company, my basics on that department were ok 🙂 As for the basics of SL (which is in my eyes nothing more then a piece of software running on an ISP) i learned most of that due to my husband Lord Sullivan who was already an SL Mentor and by just helping people searching for answers.

My first difficult issue was a black avatar. (Yes back in those days you still had them without wearing a black skin). Now i have to be honest… i didnt know the answer…LOL… thank god Lord told me a couple of days before how to solve this, so i could help the resident and not long after solving this issue i got my invite to join the mentor program. I had a Old Mentor (Lord) being my backbone during my training period and he also guided me the first times i entered the scary Help Islands and Orientation Island full of new residents. Yes this was scary! as i had no clue what to expect as only SL mentors were allowed to be on there wearing the SL Mentor tag. We followed Mentor classes with Amber and Mia and ofcourse Blue and had regular mentor meetings with some of the Lindens.

During these years i learned a lot about Second Life, the viewers, ISP issues, computer issues all related to this platform and as Second Life is still getting renewed with “new software” i still learn new things. However the basics mainly stay the same like for example the fact that SL is not supported with wireless connections.

Same as with Adobe or the ISP i have worked for, basics never change. they might resolve by software upgrades etc, but dont change. If a software company says it doesnt support something, it doesnt and wont unless put differently in the specs of this piece of software.

After this being said, i have found an awful lot of people out there that blame the software company (Second Life, Inworldz, Adobe) for not working software while it worked before….

Well if it worked before…. there is NOTHING wrong with the software. Simple as that.

And that is my rant…. before blaming a software company, please check your own system and check also the specs. It isnt for nothing that a software company asks you to do basic stuff to get the issue resolved. So if you load like a cloud in SL or IW, check if your not on wireless (software does NOT support wireless) or if you cant get Photoshop 12 to work on your windows 95… duh! its not supported. Always make sure you at least keep the specs in mind before complaining about stuff not working. Also always make sure your stuff is up to date ( for example, drivers, windows version etc) these things arent updated for nothing.

It amazes me that a big amount of people on the internet have no clue what they are doing or how to use their pc, but if you keep the basics in mind you wont have many issues. Its not that hard to keep up with updates on Software 🙂

The same counts for in world. I am amazed in Inworldz of the amount of regions with the same names that keep crashing. Not that i am perfect or dont make mistakes ( hey i am only human) but at least keep in mind that some things dont work in Inworldz the same as in other worlds. Same as the fact you cant compare World of Warcraft with Guildwars, while the basics are the same. It would make every ones lifes a lot easier. Yours as your region doesnt go down every other hour and the founders for not constantly having to kick the server your region is on.

My point with this rant is, please enjoy your life on the internet and with your pc/laptop or what have you and keep care of it by updating, upgrading and the works. And if a software company asks you to go back to the basics and read/follow the specs… do it! It will get your issue resolved much faster 🙂

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  1. randomrosie
    Nov 30, 2010 @ 15:43:54

    I have never understood why some people blame everything except themselves or their equipment when something goes wrong. Myself that’s the first place I look. I can look on the forums at some people’s problems and tell that it’s either their connection or equipment without even looking over their shoulder. I hold back from saying anything because they’ll say “I have a kicking computer cause the guy at Best Buy says” or “I have a 8 mpbs Internet connect cause the guy at the ISP says”. It takes half a brain to be on the internet sometimes, everything isn’t Facebook :).


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