Being a pioneer

The thing i love most about Inworldz is that we are all pioneers. I wasnt one in Second Life and missed the start of creating an awesome world.

Now i am a pioneer and i love it. I love the lag, bugs and helping the founders to make it even better then it is. Like this past weekend.

We were with a couple of residents helping Jim and Tranq with beta testing IDI on the beta grid.. we were all acting like new residents (sorry i hate the word noob) and we were all going mental on the freebies lol…

Astra on a flying broom, Mera in Latex for the first time and Ark in a pink dress which suite him well. The last resulted in an upcoming wedding between Tranq and Ark…LOL… wedding invitations will be send out soon!

Today we will have another chance at helping the founders on the beta grid, so if you missed it yesterday (saturday) make sure you are part of it as its an awesome experience.

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