i so need to rant…. some people really have no clue about life and hold other people responsible for individual fights between 2 people.

Many people know me as a help full person in both SL and IW. I love helping new residents and older residents and i dont need a mentor tag to do that.

A while ago someone made an account in IW and joined a group known by many under the name “where can i find?” this person found it needed to accuse people of using brands from others in IW. Well i run Gurl6 which is owned by Six Kennedy in SL and i do not make a secret about that eighter. So yes i felt it as a personal attack toward me. So i responded to that.

See here the group chatlog:

[2011/07/18 07:46]  Accuser: copyrights exist here ????
[2011/07/18 07:46]  Accuser: i dont think so
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident1: yes
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident1: they exist everywehere
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident1: it never changes
[2011/07/18 07:46]  Accuser: i find here people using registred marks
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident2: YES  copyrights  anything
[2011/07/18 07:46] Accuser: no no
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident2: everwhere
[2011/07/18 07:46]  Accuser: bulshits
[2011/07/18 07:46]  resident1: then tell the owners
[2011/07/18 07:47]  resident1: they have to file the dmca they the only ones
[2011/07/18 07:47]  Accuser: bullshits , if exist why this guys us registred marks ???
[2011/07/18 07:47]  resident1: copied items not allowed here
[2011/07/18 07:47]  resident1: he is theief then
[2011/07/18 07:47]  Accuser: i dont talk that
[2011/07/18 07:47]  resident1: tell the owner
[2011/07/18 07:47]  Accuser: i talk about this marks im see in a store
[2011/07/18 07:47]  Accuser: they are using registred marks in a store
[2011/07/18 07:48]  resident1: tell the owner
[2011/07/18 07:48]  Accuser: this is not legal
[2011/07/18 07:48]  resident1: tell the owner
[2011/07/18 07:48]  Accuser: ahhh no to the owner
[2011/07/18 07:48]  resident1: that is who can file dmca
[2011/07/18 07:48]  Accuser: i need call some one to ban this thieffes
[2011/07/18 07:48]  resident1: why do you bring it to this group then?
[2011/07/18 07:49]  resident2: thank god this isnt secondlife
[2011/07/18 07:49]  resident3: sighs
[2011/07/18 07:49]  resident4: resident1 is right it is the owners that have to file the dmca
[2011/07/18 07:49]  Accuser: to people know if i find my stuff out there or if i see original brands here be used by some one i go do all to report and ban that guys
[2011/07/18 07:50]  resident1: then do that
[2011/07/18 07:50]  resident1: tell the owners let them take care of it
[2011/07/18 07:50]  resident1: nobody else can file dmca
[2011/07/18 07:58]  Constanza Amsterdam: wow Accuser… if its that bad here.. what are you doing here then?
[2011/07/18 07:58]  resident1: awwww come on don’t make it worse!
[2011/07/18 07:58]  Accuser: i dont use registred brands
[2011/07/18 07:59]  Constanza Amsterdam: and i do…..
[2011/07/18 07:59]  resident1: Ok let’s not use this group to fight with each other
[2011/07/18 07:59]  resident1: take it to IM
[2011/07/18 07:59]  Constanza Amsterdam: <— has permission to do so… please report me now Claudia
[2011/07/18 07:59]  resident1: Constanza one more and you’re out
[2011/07/18 07:59]  Constanza Amsterdam: sorry resident1?
[2011/07/18 07:59]  resident1: stop fighting in group chat
[2011/07/18 07:59]  resident1: go to IM
[2011/07/18 08:00]  resident1: we don’t want to watch you
[2011/07/18 08:00]  Constanza Amsterdam: i aint fighting
[2011/07/18 08:00]  resident1: stop typing then
[2011/07/18 08:00]  Constanza Amsterdam: fine… have a nice day resident1

After this i went in IM with resident1 and said to her that i have a right to standup for myself as this happened in a public chat. She didnt agree with this and in the end kicked me out of the “where can i find? ” group. I later found out that the accuser in question went to IDI after this group chat and harressed our lovely Grid Goddess. The accuser ended up with a ban from the grid. ( mind to say, she is still a member of this group tho even tho she is banned from the grid)

Now my following rant. My husband also has a business in Inworldz. The Amsterdam Mall. Althought this sim is in my name and he told me to build it. It is all his. He joined the group and asked for a Merchant tag so he could advertise the Amsterdam Mall in there. He got this tag. Now 1 week later, he wanted to post a new notice about the mall and he finds himself with the notice rights. So he asked for clarification… and oh he got this… apparently being married in RL means automatically that if your wife has a fight with someone… you are also part of it and that is why his notice right were revoked.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! i am so freaking pissed off now and this is so freaking childish… i never even had this in Second Life…. please dont tell me Inworldz is changing… please???



Apparently this blogpost made it that i got a notecard from the one that kicked my out of the “where can i find” group with an explanation of the word argue found on the dictionary website. This is so condescending and i do not wish to be treated as a 12 year old. Next to that she wants me to apologize… never going to happen eighter…. again i have done nothing wrong and i stand by what i have said. I have a right to defend myself just as everyone else does.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mera
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 18:58:53

    Gosh i lack of words..im so sorry this happened to you =(



  2. sorornishi
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 21:21:45

    I must say I am shocked that being partnered means you are no longer an individual.

    Unfortunately I am not shocked by the occasional drama/griefer/idiot coming over to harass…. very glad they were banned from the grid.

    InWorldz isn’t changing, but we will be tested as we get stronger and better.

    Hugs…its upsetting, I know.


  3. ladysakai
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 21:32:30

    I was actually over on IDI when this morron started over there as well… I was asked by her if I was the owner when I approached her asking if she needed help. I told her Elenia was the co-owner of IW and I IMed Elenia right away as this person was acting odly.
    Turned out that she was trying to stir up a witch hunt and when Elenia didnt react like she wanted she set up scripts that would force TP Ele around the grid. Ele then started to ban her from the grid and did so several times. I belive they slapped a hardware ban on the person as well.
    Some ppl just wont go by the book and acts like children when they are not fed when being dramaqueens


  4. Bradd Laval
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 23:11:32

    Sounds like overzealous censorship from a group known for spamming.


  5. Mira Karu
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 10:08:39

    I followed the conversation on the chat channel in ‘Where can I find it ?’.
    I think after knowing the whole story, this harasser just picked out a brand to make drama Inworldz and it was you by accident… We keep gard to individuals like this, and yes indeed you may have your own opinion and defend your cause 🙂
    … but in wich channel or place … this is another question…I want speak out loud 🙂


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