Sick and tired

I just got an URL from a friend to a blog posting from someone complaining about virtual worlds. Its not really worth my time, but still i am getting a bit sick and tired of people complaining about virtual worlds in general and about other new grids/worlds.

Lets be clear on 1 thing… there is not a VW on earth and beyond that doesnt have issues and or bugs, this counts for WOW, GW, The Sims, Second Life, InWorldz, Avination and who/what ever other VW out there. Yes i see WOW, GW, EVE etc also as VW as they simply are… they have a community and for that they are a VW to me.

Now to go back to this blog posting… i hear people say that new grids are crap, buggy, unstable etc and yes in some case this is true… however these new grids also get older and the more work on these grids are being done, the stabler and better they become. This is the case with InWorldz. I find it therefor not understandable that this blog writer is saying and i quote:

With InWorldz, they remind me of SpiralMatrix or Cybernet Worlds, where the land is basement priced, the service is on par, and the technology is two generations or more behind the main company responsible for the technology to begin with. The users of that system act like a cult from Utah, and insist it is far superior to even SecondLife or any of the other grids, and always cite things like “the land is so much cheaper here!”. Hell, they even created their own currency in world called I’s or whatever. Congratulations to the hard work of the team behind InWorldz, because it does take a lot of work to run and operate a virtual world environment. However, your “grid” is doomed to obscurity in the grand scheme of things, and if SecondLife itself is a niche audience, yours is a niche within *that* niche.


Yes i agree the land is cheaper, but basement priced? compared to who or what? I dont agree with the statement that the technology is 2 generations or more behind the main company responsible for the technology… i ask myself, when is the last time you even visited IW or even worse… have you ever been there and even read any of the technical blogs, forums or press releases that have gone out? This also counts for the statement of the customer service being par…

Then the statement of a VW being aimed at a niche audience… hello! every VW, Game, Website even your own business is aiming for a niche audience……and yes i have read your business model and rest of the website.

Then the next statement made, which is not only aimed towards IW, but really to every new grid out there:

InWorldz Put a leash on your community. It’s ok to want to grow your userbase, but not through sleazy practices like trying to get people to leave other virtual environments. I don’t hold you, as the company, at fault. I fault your community – but you can make a big difference in that perception by actually coming up with creative outlets to promote InWorldz *outside of the SL community niche* like an actual, honest to god, real company would. Right now, you (and many other grids) are giving off the perception that you’re a bunch of vultures fighting over users. That has to stop if you ever hope to be a brand and service that stands on its own merit, and not in the shadow of others – a footnote in the history of virtual worlds, if you even bother to warrant that much.

Who are you to say that Inworldz has to put a leash on their residents…. there is maybe 1% of residents or maybe even none that ask people to leave anywhere… if you indeed would understand business a little bit, you would agree with me that it is good for any VW creator to expand to as many worlds as possible…. its called expanding and is a good brand and business thing to do so. I for example have my brand in 3 worlds… The Sims ( yes thats where i started and i still make stuff for that), Second Life and Inworldz and yes i inform my friends about other worlds. However i will never ever tell anyone to leave a Virtual World as that is BAD for business.

So after reading your blog, i can only come to 1 conclusion… you have never been to another Virtual World accept SL and  you do NOT understand business or even the technical part of building and creating Virtual Worlds in general. ( that are actually 3 conclusions)

However i do wish you good luck with your business, please dont expand to other virtual worlds and please do not adjust your opinion on them eighter as god forbid, it might even do your business some good….


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  1. Will Burns (@darianknight)
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 20:14:16

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read and completely misinterpret what was said on my blog post! It means a lot to me.

    I’ve been in more virtual environments than I can possibly recount, outside of SL, spanning more than 15 years now. As for who I am to say the community needs to get a grip? I have personally witnessed constant underhanded tactics to strip away residents from elsewhere and get them into InWorldz, in what amounts to standing outside a larger business and trying to steal customers on a constant basis. As for pricing, it’s the number one reason I have heard from InWorldz residents trying to convince me to come over there – and compared to what? To SecondLife, which is the main target for getting new residents into InWorldz.

    I readily acknowledge InWorldz hard work to make things better, and at no point fault the company – making it a point to say I don’t fault the company and actually say that they deserve the kudos for the hard work they are putting in to make things better. So credit where it’s due, please. With maybe 200 people in InWorldz at any given time, it is the very definition of being a niche within a niche – much like I also point to Activeworlds with the same numbers today where it once boasted thousands of co-current users in its heyday. 1% of 200 active is splitting hairs. But even if applied to the ~47,000 accounts it doesn’t dilute the issue, because the loudest 1% is making the rest of you look like parasitic vultures, and that has to stop (which was the ending point in that section of the post, which you conveniently skipped over addressing)

    Addressing 2 generations of technology behind – this is a statement based on SecondLife now reaching Viewer 3 (Mesh enabled Viewer) and InWorldz probably still sticking with Viewer 1.23 – it’s a simple matter of basic math to count from 1 to 3 and know the difference is 2. The company that spawned the technology base (SL) versus the continuing iterations of grids outside of that main grid is the frame of the conversation. It’s good to know that it was also convenient to skip this part as well to make your point.

    It is good for business to have product in multiple venues, and I do agree. However, there is no clear method for standards or interoperability, so that process is much harder than it ever should be, while costing both the consumer and the producer far more money and effort than should be acceptable – and I do not agree with the ideal that a single entity should ever hold the keys to controlling that interoperability in a proprietary manner, much like I state about SpotOn3D.

    I get to state this because I have the long standing credentials to do so – I am the Object Interoperability Lead for IEEE Virtual World Standards, it is literally my job to help foster a worldwide interoperability set of standards to make the global virtual worlds industry a better place for all. I’ve contributed to research projects on a completely decentralized Metaverse system, written research papers on the subject, contributed to the Metaverse Roadmap, and have consulted big name game companies with near 100% accuracy. I’ve warned of an impending company crash at BlueMars – which came true, and the same about (also came true). I was at the forefront warning Atari Games that they faced dire times based on bad decisions, and even outlined the most likely course of action not only pertaining to what was likely to happen as a result of their bad practices, but what they would be forced to do in order to reverse the damages – again with a near perfect degree of accuracy over a 2 year period – at the request of an Atari employee. I’ve also been involved in the R&D process for a number of in-world products for SecondLife, as well as restructured entire venues for owners to turn a profit, and often times have watched some venue owners disregard things I’ve said only to fall on their face.

    I’ve seen the ups and downs of virtual worlds for far longer than you seem to consider, for both outside and inside the trenches, and your conclusions about me in the end are dead wrong, based on nothing more than conjecture on your part.

    While I applaud your right to stand up for what you believe, and this happens to be your own space to do so, I must contest invalid assumptions on your part and say only that your arguments are based on speculation alone and half understandings not only about me (which I have a right to defend against) but of the industry as a whole, while mine are based on more than 15 years of hands-on experience in the industry across a multitude of business and virtual environments which may far outnumber your experiences. So yes, I’ve definitely stepped foot outside of SecondLife, contrary to your assertions.

    The real test is whether you ignore this reply to save face, or whether you’re big enough to stand in correction. As far as InWorldz goes, it is that 1% making the rest of you look bad, and the company needs to put a leash on them to stop fostering that perception – by which I suggested marketing outside of the SL type niche in order to encourage getting people outside of SL and other grids (the average user) to migrate over and give it a try. Standing on the doorsteps of other virtual environments and sniping customers is bad practice no matter how you want to paint it, and those people are making the rest of you look very bad.

    I never said the reality of things would be rose-colored or favorable, and in fact stated quite clearly the opposite in large letters unmistakable. It’s salt in the wound, but necessary to endure if we, as a whole, want to foster a better virtual world industry.


    • Constanza
      Aug 25, 2011 @ 21:01:48

      As i have made assumptions, you make them aswell…. i have been on the internet just as long as it exists and have been part of many VW’s and other related communities. Yes i will defend my opinion just as you have a right to defend yours and i also stand by what i have said in my blog posting. It is very easy to tell a group of founders of a virtual world to tell their residents what to do… however the founders of Inworldz are choosing not to as they also know that everyone has a freedom of speech. Everyone in Inworldz knows they are in Beta and that they wont advertise until they are out of that… which is very sensible and a right business decision IMHO. If you would have read Elenia’s blog or even the forums, you would have known this and i am assuming you would have then written something different. The fact that IW doesnt support Mesh, i agree with, however why implement a shiny new feature while there are permission bugs etc on the grid like on SL? Next to that, it took LL 10 years to implement Mesh while a… uhm… lets say… The Sims have had Mesh from the start back in 2000. Like i said… every world is growing and getting older and as this happens… features, shiny things and stability will be implemented and better working. This doesnt only count for Inworldz but this counts for every community based platform online. Also i like to mention that it is very easy to compair any world with each other based on what you know, but that is not how it works. Inworldz, Second Life, Wow, Guild Wars and any other community based world shouldnt be compared to each other as they life on their own community which is the most important part of that world. People are still able to have their own opinion and are also free to speak about this….. and again you cant hold founders of a world responsible for that or tell them to tell their community to step away from their freedom of speech.


  2. maxwellwildcat
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 21:22:46

    How about we get a small pool of jello and you two can go at it? Ill grab the popcorn and the chairs


  3. sorornishi
    Aug 25, 2011 @ 22:24:38

    I would always feel I have the right to tell people about a new or better product and I would personally object to being reined in.
    The viewer used is surely only a tiny part of the technology needed to run a grid…..and then there is the question of service/support and value for money before you even tackle the company ethos and the social aspects.
    I regard Inworldz as currently being a superior product and have no problem stating the fact to anyone, be they from SL or Honalulu.
    As to who disappears into the mists of obscurity…. well I would think we will just have to wait and see. I would not put my money on SL 5 years from now, though.


  4. Rosie Lavochkin
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 00:02:02

    (quote) As far as InWorldz goes, it is that 1% making the rest of you look bad, and the company needs to put a leash on them to stop fostering that perception – by which I suggested marketing outside of the SL type niche in order to encourage getting people outside of SL and other grids (the average user) to migrate over and give it a try. Standing on the doorsteps of other virtual environments and sniping customers is bad practice no matter how you want to paint it, and those people are making the rest of you look very bad. (unquote)

    Fair point, but, you can’t stop customers of McDonalds (for example) standing in Burger King and telling people their hamburgers are better over the road. And nor should you, any company stands or falls on how happy their customers are with the levels of service they receive.

    I personally love both SL and IW, both having their huge plus points and negative points also. That said – only recently I’ve been on the receiving end of some utterly crap customer service from Second Life when one of their CSRs told me I’d have to pay to upgrade to premium membership to get my ex-partners name removed from my profile after a bug left his name on there when we de-partnered. Meanwhile over on the other grid, I had not one but two Founders fixing my sex bed when the recent Phlox roll out borked it.

    Only one of those incidents leave me feeling like I’ve been screwed…and it sure wasn’t on Inworldz.


  5. Maria Korolov
    Aug 26, 2011 @ 11:24:57

    Will — Also, many OpenSim grids are running the latest OpenSim software — which does support media-on-a-prim and mesh, and can be accessed via the latest viewers. InWorldz is actually the exception here, not the rule when it comes to OpenSim.

    In fact, OpenSim had a version of mesh (realXtend and modrex) years before Second Life did, and had SL-compatible mesh the day after SL rolled it out for beta testing last fall.

    Not every grid automatically updates to the latest version of OpenSim, of course. Some wait to see that all the bugs are out. Most grids out there, however, are able to support SLV2 and its advanced features, and the largest grid, OSGrid, has had mesh for months. Right now, I believe, of all the major OpenSim grids only ReactionGrid and InWorldz are on SLV1. Both of those grids have made a lot of custom changes to OpenSim, however, to improve the user experience, and updating is a more complex process than simply downloading and installing the latest version of the software. — Maria


  6. Mera
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 12:29:19

    Iv seen reactions like this many times and my experience is that this is written out of fear. fear of loosing customers to their business and so on. Maybee one of his good friends moved to Inworldz and now he hates the grid. Been there done that…. People defend their home grid like this and we just has to let him vent and ignore it. dont take this serious. He will grow up one day =)


  7. paglialite
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 11:49:46

    So Aeonix’s whole gripe with Inworldz is based on hearsay and tittle-tattle?

    I see nothing wrong at all with manager of a club that has a presence on more than one grid only accepting employees willing to work on each of those grids- seems the sensible thing to do.

    And I can see who easily someone could twist and exaggerate this to serve their argument (dressed up as ‘advice’) – and thus benefit from increased traffic to their

    What really doesn’t ring true is that the most enthusiastic residents and supporters of Inworldz have cut their presence on other grids. – why would the ones with businesses elsewhere care about getting people to move?

    (I posted this on Andromeda but it hasn’t been published – although, to be fair, it might be the wonky identity system)


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