My InWorldz third birthday

Tomorrow May 4th is my third birthday in Inworldz and what an amazing three years it has been.December 5, 2010

When i first joined InWorldz, it was still very small and you would make a lot of friends and have talks. I rented my first land with Jim and Jo Smart and started setting up my store (Jaricat Fashions) and was amazed by the sales i made compaired to SecondLife. However as the world was still so small i missed my prefered hair and had a talk with Six Kennedy in SecondLife to see if i could get her with Gurl6 into InWorldz. She herself had little time but offered me the oppertunity to run her brand and hairs in InWorldz and i took that oppertunity. After she notified the founders, i was able to start Gurl6 Hairstudio InWorldz and a couple of months after i signed up for InWorldz, i got my own region called Gurlywood.

I have done a lot in those 3 years ; rewrote the template for the InWorldz wiki (which i still manage), helped with crash tests, made the fairy template for the InWorldz viewer, helped bring the first InWorldz Fashion Fair into InWorldz (and looking forward to many more charity fairs with the great team we have) and started to keep the Inworldz stats.

Elenia lost her head December 8, 2010And InWorldz has changed a lot to. Today InWorldz reached 75.000 sign-ups, they rewrote the script engin (named Phlox), they integrated PhysX, Mesh is on its way, they gave us the ability to change group names (via the website) and now this fantastic tool called Dreamshare. I cant wait to see with what other goodies InWorldz will come in the future (i heard something about a catelogue style website)

In the meanwhile i am enjoying my InWorldz life and i hope many birthdays will follow. 🙂

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