Second Life MagicBox retirement

As of April 16th 2013 the magicbox has been retired for all items accept the limited-quantity items (date retirement unknown).

I have made a screenshot just before the retirement started and i made a screenshot today, just to see how many items where delisted after the retirement and that is shocking to say the least.

before magicbox retirement 3 april 2013After magicbox retirment 7 may 2013 SL Marketplace


Animals: -6599
Animations: -10578
Apparel: -127738
Art: -10188
Audio and Video: -1554
Avatar Accessories: -51553
Avatar Appearance: -56902
Avatar Components: -27803
Breedables: -407
Building and Object Components: -34316
Buildings and Other Structures: -10558
Business: -2992
Celebrations: -13839
Complete Avatars: -4107
Gadgets: -2901
Home and Garden: -51138
Miscellaneus: -1490
Real Estate: 737 (only one that went up in listings)
Recreation and Entertainment: -9406
Scripts: -1758
Services:  -76
Used Items: -712
Vehicles: -4586
Weapons: -4267
Everything Else: -1172
L$0-L$10: 19783 (went up)
L$11-L$100: -166418
L$101-L$500: -173290
L$501-L$1000: -25727
L$1001-L$5000: -12454
Over L$5000: -830

So at this point in time a total of 436.640 items was delisted from the SL Marketplace after the Magicbox retirement.

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