InWorldz Stats Sunday September 7th 2014

Total Users: 108609

Region Count: 1366

  • Private Isles: 846
  • Scenic Regions: 286
  • Mainland Regions: 31
  • InWorldz Sponsored: 203

The past week InWorldz gained 581 new avatars.

The overal region count went up by 11. The total region count is divided as shown above (including the InWorldz Sponsored Regions).

ETA: These stats are snaps of the login screen, so i dont know if regions are down etc at that point. Thats why i do it every sunday at the same time: 12:00PM IWT

I will also add that the divided numbers are not correct due to a small issue serverside which makes some private/scenic regions being counted as inworld sponsored region. This is why i include them all. The only count that is accurate is the overall region count.


Active users

new avatars gained 2013

region count 2013

IW Users Counts 2011-2014

IW Region Counts 2011-2014

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