What happend to Constanza?

It was pointed out to me that Judy posted on the Inworldz forums with the question what happend to me and why wasnt i doing the stats anymore.

Well first let me say that i am alright and still alive πŸ™‚

There are a few reasons that i havent updated the InWorldz stats for a few months and i will explain them all. But first i have to say thanks to Judy and Jim for wondering where i was and if i am ok… nice to read those questions after all those months of not updating the stats πŸ˜‰

First reason for not updating is my Real Life. We were/are very busy with setting up and growing our RL business and that has to have priority above all.

Second reason was that i was a little bit fat up with constantly having to explain that the figures where based on what information the viewer gave/gives to me and the fact that there is still a small issue serverside which makes some private/scenic regions being counted as inworld sponsored region and that that is/was the reason i counted all the regions in my posts. I was so fat up with explaining that i decided to wait until the issue was solved, however in the meanwhile i still kept track of the stats i just didnt post them anywhere. Even thought this issue is not resolved yet, i have posted all the figures now for everyone to see them and i will keep posting them again without going to explain the same thing over and over again.

Third reason is that i have joined a new grid which gets my full attention when RL time permits and as we humans still only have 24 hours in a day and we cant split ourselves up. This grid is called theadultgrid.com and i have to tell you that i am having a blast there. Its still small but for a grid soley aimed at Adults it is growing rapidly.

I have my stores there and we have a rental business with now 10 regions (we have plots for rent when/if you need space) and i have build up the Kinky Hub on there and i am sure this will grow even further. It is great to be in a world where everyone has respect for each other regardless which lifestyle you are in… Gorean, Vampire, BDSM, vanilla or whatever you choose.

So these are a couple of my reasons for not posting stats updates anymore however i am still a tweet away or an IM (as i read those online) and i still have my stores on the grid but as a renter with Anyraya Braveheart (LM available in my profile)

If/when you decide to come and say hello to me in TAG, feel free to message me, i am always up for a chitchat πŸ˜‰


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