What is Consie up to now a days?

Hi everyone,

its been a while since i posted on this blog, but i thought it was about time again.

In December 2015, i took The Adult Grid over together with Darieth White and ever since we both have been working hard on making improvements. In just little over a years time the amount of regions on the grid have doubled and the amount of registered users has aswell.

TAG is a wonderful world with lots of creative people and places to visit as you can see on our FlickrpageĀ https://www.flickr.com/photos/145392242@N05/

We are not linked to Kitely, but have our own marketplace with a fully working networked vendor system that is being released today.

We have 3 different size regions with 15.000prims for the price of just 15USD and mainland for those who would like a smaller plot. Mainland is divided up in plots of 2048sqm and have 940prims available on them. For new Taggers those plots are free of rent in their first 30-days after registration.

On a technical note, TAG is running on our own high spec servers, which means we dont rent space with other opensim hosting companies.

We have our own currency an do weekly payouts via paypal, We have a fully networked directory listing and hud system which makes it next to the inworld search easier to find places such as clubs, shops, RP regions, etc etc.

So Consie is still around and i invite you all to come and visit me and the other Taggers in The Adult Grid

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