Fully Grid Wide Networked Vendor System

As part of the TAG marketplace website, we have released a fully grid wide networked vendor system.

Your Merchantbox works as the server, so you dont have to put any of your items in vendors. Set up goes via the marketplace website, where you can also track your sales and see on which region you sell better then on another. It has profit share and an affiliate option and the vendors are low lag as they only use 1 script per vendor.

4 different vendors: 1-prim, 4-prims, 8-prims and 12-prims

TAG is the first and currently only opensim based grid with a fully networked grid wide vendor system (as far as i know).

You can get them on the marketplace website of which you need a seperate account for.

TAG MarketPlace: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php
AG MerchantBox: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php?act=market&id_item=6

TAG Vendor System: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php?act=market&id_item=2274

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