Why The Adult Grid stopped showing figures

As some of you may be aware, there has been a somewhat heated discussion on Hypergrid Business as to why Inworldz and us have stopped giving our Grid figures to HGB. I can only speak for TAG and I wanted to lay the facts as they are for us out on the table, as you know that we are very transparent grid in our operations.

The first point I would like to officially clear up is Active users. As we are not Hypergrid enabled, Hypergrid users are not an important metric for us. Therefore on HGB Active users are counted on a grid if they hopped there from another grid, thus for these grids they will always seem more active than the closed grids, as we don’t get random folks popping in from the other grids and pushing the active user count up, while we rely on only our members for our active user count so that puts us at a disadvantage to the hypergrid enabled grids.

The second point I wish to clear up is amount of regions. We have at the time of posting this, 91 regions. A region to us is counted as one paying sim, as in SL. We do not for instance count in sq meters or kms or any other form of measurement, a region is a region wether it is a standard region or a VAR. The way HGB counts regions is somewhat baffling but it works for them, but not for us, for instance TAG was made out by this method to have 428 regions, so you can see that it is not correct for us as a grid and we do not want to give the impression we are far larger than what we are.

If you wish to know how TAG is going, please do not hesitate to talk to us as we value you, our Taggers. I am happy to report that TAG is solvent and can meet all of its financial obligations including cash outs etc. and is growing on a daily basis and we hope that you continue with us as we grow. I also just want to clear up one last point and that is that I have never worked for Inworldz, I just did the Stats as a private person as I enjoy doing it.

Fully Grid Wide Networked Vendor System

As part of the TAG marketplace website, we have released a fully grid wide networked vendor system.

Your Merchantbox works as the server, so you dont have to put any of your items in vendors. Set up goes via the marketplace website, where you can also track your sales and see on which region you sell better then on another. It has profit share and an affiliate option and the vendors are low lag as they only use 1 script per vendor.

4 different vendors: 1-prim, 4-prims, 8-prims and 12-prims

TAG is the first and currently only opensim based grid with a fully networked grid wide vendor system (as far as i know).

You can get them on the marketplace website of which you need a seperate account for.

TAG MarketPlace: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php
AG MerchantBox: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php?act=market&id_item=6

TAG Vendor System: http://market.theadultgrid.com/index.php?act=market&id_item=2274

What is Consie up to now a days?

Hi everyone,

its been a while since i posted on this blog, but i thought it was about time again.

In December 2015, i took The Adult Grid over together with Darieth White and ever since we both have been working hard on making improvements. In just little over a years time the amount of regions on the grid have doubled and the amount of registered users has aswell.

TAG is a wonderful world with lots of creative people and places to visit as you can see on our Flickrpage https://www.flickr.com/photos/145392242@N05/

We are not linked to Kitely, but have our own marketplace with a fully working networked vendor system that is being released today.

We have 3 different size regions with 15.000prims for the price of just 15USD and mainland for those who would like a smaller plot. Mainland is divided up in plots of 2048sqm and have 940prims available on them. For new Taggers those plots are free of rent in their first 30-days after registration.

On a technical note, TAG is running on our own high spec servers, which means we dont rent space with other opensim hosting companies.

We have our own currency an do weekly payouts via paypal, We have a fully networked directory listing and hud system which makes it next to the inworld search easier to find places such as clubs, shops, RP regions, etc etc.

So Consie is still around and i invite you all to come and visit me and the other Taggers in The Adult Grid

What happend to Constanza?

It was pointed out to me that Judy posted on the Inworldz forums with the question what happend to me and why wasnt i doing the stats anymore.

Well first let me say that i am alright and still alive 🙂

There are a few reasons that i havent updated the InWorldz stats for a few months and i will explain them all. But first i have to say thanks to Judy and Jim for wondering where i was and if i am ok… nice to read those questions after all those months of not updating the stats 😉

First reason for not updating is my Real Life. We were/are very busy with setting up and growing our RL business and that has to have priority above all.

Second reason was that i was a little bit fat up with constantly having to explain that the figures where based on what information the viewer gave/gives to me and the fact that there is still a small issue serverside which makes some private/scenic regions being counted as inworld sponsored region and that that is/was the reason i counted all the regions in my posts. I was so fat up with explaining that i decided to wait until the issue was solved, however in the meanwhile i still kept track of the stats i just didnt post them anywhere. Even thought this issue is not resolved yet, i have posted all the figures now for everyone to see them and i will keep posting them again without going to explain the same thing over and over again.

Third reason is that i have joined a new grid which gets my full attention when RL time permits and as we humans still only have 24 hours in a day and we cant split ourselves up. This grid is called theadultgrid.com and i have to tell you that i am having a blast there. Its still small but for a grid soley aimed at Adults it is growing rapidly.

I have my stores there and we have a rental business with now 10 regions (we have plots for rent when/if you need space) and i have build up the Kinky Hub on there and i am sure this will grow even further. It is great to be in a world where everyone has respect for each other regardless which lifestyle you are in… Gorean, Vampire, BDSM, vanilla or whatever you choose.

So these are a couple of my reasons for not posting stats updates anymore however i am still a tweet away or an IM (as i read those online) and i still have my stores on the grid but as a renter with Anyraya Braveheart (LM available in my profile)

If/when you decide to come and say hello to me in TAG, feel free to message me, i am always up for a chitchat 😉


The Pulse of InWorldz

The Pulse of InWorldz is a place/group to make friends and to find the things you want in InWorldz. Contact any Peace Keeper for Chat tag. Contact owner for Merchant tag. One notice per business per week. Play nice or the pesants will riot! Events, one short url announce at the start! No Drama No Bots! yay

People have asked me to put a poll up for this group so here it is 🙂 Make sure you also join “The Pulse of InWorldz” group!


Brands are like: Gurl6 hair studio, Keira’s little shop and Atelier Alizarin

Departments are like: Jaricat Fashions homes, jariCat Fashions male clothing, JariCat Fashion female clothing etc etc

Second Life MagicBox retirement

As of April 16th 2013 the magicbox has been retired for all items accept the limited-quantity items (date retirement unknown).

I have made a screenshot just before the retirement started and i made a screenshot today, just to see how many items where delisted after the retirement and that is shocking to say the least.

before magicbox retirement 3 april 2013After magicbox retirment 7 may 2013 SL Marketplace


Animals: -6599
Animations: -10578
Apparel: -127738
Art: -10188
Audio and Video: -1554
Avatar Accessories: -51553
Avatar Appearance: -56902
Avatar Components: -27803
Breedables: -407
Building and Object Components: -34316
Buildings and Other Structures: -10558
Business: -2992
Celebrations: -13839
Complete Avatars: -4107
Gadgets: -2901
Home and Garden: -51138
Miscellaneus: -1490
Real Estate: 737 (only one that went up in listings)
Recreation and Entertainment: -9406
Scripts: -1758
Services:  -76
Used Items: -712
Vehicles: -4586
Weapons: -4267
Everything Else: -1172
L$0-L$10: 19783 (went up)
L$11-L$100: -166418
L$101-L$500: -173290
L$501-L$1000: -25727
L$1001-L$5000: -12454
Over L$5000: -830

So at this point in time a total of 436.640 items was delisted from the SL Marketplace after the Magicbox retirement.

My InWorldz third birthday

Tomorrow May 4th is my third birthday in Inworldz and what an amazing three years it has been.December 5, 2010

When i first joined InWorldz, it was still very small and you would make a lot of friends and have talks. I rented my first land with Jim and Jo Smart and started setting up my store (Jaricat Fashions) and was amazed by the sales i made compaired to SecondLife. However as the world was still so small i missed my prefered hair and had a talk with Six Kennedy in SecondLife to see if i could get her with Gurl6 into InWorldz. She herself had little time but offered me the oppertunity to run her brand and hairs in InWorldz and i took that oppertunity. After she notified the founders, i was able to start Gurl6 Hairstudio InWorldz and a couple of months after i signed up for InWorldz, i got my own region called Gurlywood.

I have done a lot in those 3 years ; rewrote the template for the InWorldz wiki (which i still manage), helped with crash tests, made the fairy template for the InWorldz viewer, helped bring the first InWorldz Fashion Fair into InWorldz (and looking forward to many more charity fairs with the great team we have) and started to keep the Inworldz stats.

Elenia lost her head December 8, 2010And InWorldz has changed a lot to. Today InWorldz reached 75.000 sign-ups, they rewrote the script engin (named Phlox), they integrated PhysX, Mesh is on its way, they gave us the ability to change group names (via the website) and now this fantastic tool called Dreamshare. I cant wait to see with what other goodies InWorldz will come in the future (i heard something about a catelogue style website)

In the meanwhile i am enjoying my InWorldz life and i hope many birthdays will follow. 🙂

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