Tips for New Residents

First and most important thing you should know before entering Inworldz is that its NOT Second Life so go in with an open view and embrace the community, bugs etc.

Second important thing is to sign up with your Second Life avatar name, this is important when you are a Merchant and want to set your store up in Inworldz due to uploading and backing up.

Ok i covert the 2 most important tips. Now i follow with some other tips.

  • When downloading or using a viewer, use the Inworldz viewer or Imprudence, these 2 viewers are most used in Inworldz and give you the most pleasure.
  • After entering Inworldz, you will find yourself as a cloud. This has nothing to do with your connection, it is simply the fact that the starting avatars have no bald base yet. You will get one from one of the IW Mentors on Inworldz Desert Island (called IDI by old residents) If you cant find an Inworldz Mentor, you can always send the senior mentor an IM to ask for one. His name is Bob Bunderfeld
  • So now you are no longer a cloud and you see yourself as the good old ruth. Everyone enters Inworldz as a girl, but luckly there are freebie stores on IDI to provide you with a complete remake of your avatar.

How to find stuff in Inworldz…..

As Inworldz is still very new, not every search tab works. The only 2 working are People search and Classifieds.

  • When searching in Classifieds, make sure you search exact to get the best results. For example: You are looking for a skin for a male avatar. Search then on Male hair and not on hair.
  • Between the Male and Female Freebie store on IDI, you can find a board with landmarks per category. Make sure you grab these and start exploring the world. There are some amazin spots in this new world that you dont want to miss.

Last but not least tip is: Make an account on the forums and read what is going on. A very important part of this forum is the “Shop Ads” to find some of the places you might be looking for.

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